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Workshop BIOMASS ASH 2015 in Berlin - INVITATION

The following invitation is forwarded from VGB PowerTech e.V.:

To all Interested Parties in BIOMASS ASH

Dear Madam
Dear Sir

As biomass is increasingly used for power and heat production cross Europe
the amount of related biomass ash is also increasing. Based on the
five-stage-waste-hierarchy the ashes should be utilised as far as possible
considering technical and environmental regulations.

On April 29, 2015, a Biomass Ash Workshop will be held in Berlin, Germany.
The workshop provides information about properties of biomass, existing and
ongoing research work and aims in bridging gaps of knowledge for beneficial
biomass ash utilisation in the different European member states. Experts
will report about production, qualities and ongoing research work as well
as on existing fields of utilisation.

We herewith invite you to the workshop and the discussion on potential and
real use of biomass ash.

The invitation is available with: http://www.vgb.org/en/ws_biomass_ash.html

Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin

Best regards,

Kirsten Prophit
(written on behalf of Dr. Hans-Joachim Feuerborn)